The Lady of the Lake

She sits in seaweed, stringily strewn

An adornment fit for this lady renowned

And serenaded by goose and loon

With reed and lily is aptly crowned


With longing gaze she contemplates

A vision gold and green and gay

And swaying, bending to the fates

Allows her reeds to blow away


Where’er they will; she wisteth not

Her heart is lightened by their flight.

She swims in seaweed, all uncaught

By caring where her reeds may light.

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I have’t dropped off the face of the earth

I beg your indulgence for the next few months. I will be trying to write a book, AND I will be working full-time.

I will try to update this occasionally, but my record is spotty at best anyway.


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Over the Week of Thanksgiving…

I will be without internet, for the most part. I am attempting to set up a scheduled post-per-day system, so bear with me.

We will be looking at my testimony.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving with many blessings to surround you!

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Andy Osenga and the Lonely Astronaut

Artist Andrew Osenga is working on an awesome project. He is going to record an album about Leonard the Lonely Astronaut in a spaceship. Not only is Leonard in a spaceship, but the entire album will be recorded in a spaceship.

Words fail us to describe the awesomeness.

However, in order to fund this, Andrew is in need of 15,000 dollars. He has already raised $10,000 of this, so he only needs $5,000.  This is no small amount of money.

Now, our funds could be described as nonexistent. They regularly are. But you, my friends, could conceivably have more money than us!

To go with the various donation amounts, there are cool gifts. I suggest you hop over to kickstarter and…

Send a man to space!

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Cheesy Goodness


Ode to Brie (with apologies to pretty much everyone)

Sing to me, cheese, of the brie

with snow-white rind palely soft

To thee I raise my poesy

In hallowed deli spots

Thy Oozing, spreading, creamy, fine

Interior gives me bliss

Thou truly art a cheese divine

with bread, with fruit, with knish

Baked or fresh, thy calories

are fragrant, every one 

I sing to thee, o choicest cheese,

And now my song is done.

I have to go to the grocery store.

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