Resting Time

Time is money. Don’t waste my time. I don’t have the time. There’s not enough time. My time is valuable. I can’t spare the time.

Isn’t it exhausting, rushing to and fro?

The other day, I was driving to an appointment. As is often the case when one has no time to spare, the car in front of me slowed to a stop. I had entered that dreaded beast of the modern age, The Traffic Jam. I opened my window into the useasonably warm fall air and stuck my head out, to gauge the length and girth of the beast.

It stretched far out of sight.

I spent the next five minutes tapping my fingers on the steering wheel, constantly glancing at the dashboard clock, and generally fulfilling all the stereotypes of someone stuck in traffic and late. Then I realized something.

This time was a gift.

There was very little to pay attention to. Move forward with the car in front of you; stop with them as well. Watch for signs indicating a road closing. That was all.

This time, I rolled down my windows and stuck out my arm, letting it drift in the warm currents of dusty air. The sun was shining; butterflies–real, actual butterflies–were flittering about in the roadside wildflowers. The bitter-rich smell of woodsmoke permeated the breeze. God was good.

I never made it to my appointment; I had to call and reschedule. But for a brief, shining half hour, I relaxed and delighted in the time given to me. I didn’t have to be in control; I wasn’t responsible for everything. I was just still.

There is not enough time, and will never be enough time, to do everything. But there is a time to work, and a time to rest. Don’t consume your times of rest with worry about what you will do when they are over. Each time has worries of its own; just live in the time that is given you, and honor its purpose.

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One thought on “Resting Time

  1. As Dante says, “Time is love.” =)

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