Random Poetry Interlude

A poem I’ve been working on. It’s rather archaic, and I don’t know that I am very proud of it, but I don’t think it’s going to get much better.


East of Moon, and west of Sun

Through golden lands the river runs

To glassy sea;

I sing to thee

And pray the night be not o’erlong.


The river winds its tangled way

Through mossy hills; with no delay

For night is long,

And comes the sun,

To sing thee waking to the day.


Then breaking, shattered, falls the stream

o’er crags–and rainbows in it teem

From sunny day;

And rush away

The river goes–for thus I sing.


Then joyous, splashing, hindrance-free

The river finds its home-to-be

And sweet it seems

As in a dream

I sing it dancing in the sea.


West of sun, and east of moon,

The river winds, and gently croons

That to the sea

At last go we

for everlasting joy we’ll die

But in my arms now gently lie

For I love thee,

And thou lov’st me

And morning comes eternally

In lands undying, where go we soon

West of sun, and east of moon.

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