Summer wasn’t long enough

I am stressed as all get out. There are 100 million things I have to do before I leave to go back to school, and I only have seven days to do them in.

I haven’t talked to my family near enough. I haven’t talked to my girls near enough. So much time I wasted, and there was so little to begin with…

I’m starting to get frantic. I hope I get everything done… or at least, the most important things.

But who decides the most important things? I HAVE to do some things. (Get my driver’s license, get a car, get my textbooks…)

But I NEED to do some things.

Hold my little sister, perhaps for the last time while she’s still little.

Threaten the boy who’s pursuing my other sister, perhaps.

Listen to my brother talk.

Listen to my father teach us.

Laugh with my mother.

Encourage my girls.

Fix EVERYTHING so that my family can function without me. (They’ve always managed to function without me before, though. Maybe… just maybe… I can let that one go.)

There’s no time to do what I have to do, nor what I need to do.

What gets done will get done, I guess.

Now, if I could just convince myself of that…

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One thought on “Summer wasn’t long enough

  1. Kara Lobley

    Amen! Me too. šŸ™‚ I have been convincing myself to just concentrate on the things I absolutely want done before I leave. Surprisingly, much more has been accomplished than I thought. Maybe it’s the same for you, too.

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