Just a snippet

I was clearing up some space amongst my files, and found this piece of an attempt at writing an allegory. I remember that I wrote it because I was trying to see what I could do with the idea of a train as grace. It’s definitely not my best writing.

Take it as you will.

And I dreamt that I stood upon a great plain, and there were many people, great and small, and some of them walked in many directions. And I spoke to one of them, asking why they walked, and where they were going. And he said, “This plain is destined for destruction, and great fire shall consume everything. Therefore, some of us attempt to escape.”

And I perceived men who shone like the sun who went through the crowds, and some followed them. Whereupon I went unto one of the men and asked, “How can I be rescued from this great calamity? For I am sore afraid and wish to be saved.”

Whereupon the man said to me, “Come with me, and I shall take you to the train sent by the king to take people from the plain of destruction.”

Immediately I followed him, and as we walked I inquired of him as to the nature of the king.

That’s all I have. I am not sure where I was planning on going with this. I do remember that I got stuck trying to figure out the effects of predestination, and what the story said about certain doctrines that I had not questioned yet. It was obviously inspired by The Pilgrim’s Progress.

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One thought on “Just a snippet

  1. I appreciate your effort. As someone who believes God is in control of all things (yet not necessarily orchestrating every action), I often ponder how our destiny is pre-determined. In my latest short story, there is a definite theme of God working things out for the best in spite of the character’s feeble attempts at decision making. Ultimately, I believe God’s plan is best and we do well to follow God’s guidance in His Word (written in the Bible and lived out in Jesus Christ).

    Keep up the good blogging.

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