A Kiss is Still a Kiss

A very wise man once said, “An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.”

Have you ever been kissed? I have not. As a young woman of marriageable age, though, I long for it. I have many times imagined the day when I will finally be kissed by the man I love. The thought stirs up feelings of fear, anticipation, longing, joy. A kiss is one of the most intimate forms of affection; you are literally sharing the breath of another person. Songs have been sung about kissing; stories been told where the kiss is the climax; poems been written whose sole purpose is to solicit one. The human race is rather obsessed with kissing.

How is truth like a kiss?

Well, like a kiss, it is patently desirable. In their heart of hearts, all people long for truth. Almost no-one intentionally believes something false.

Like a kiss, the truth is intimate. Rather than sharing breath, which is only necessary for survival, you share hopes, ideas, emotions, souls–and these are necessary for life.

Like a kiss, truth makes you vulnerable. When you share something true with someone else–whether it be a secret or not–you leave yourself open for them to use that truth against you, or to deny it entirely.

Like a kiss, the truth is dangerous, and ought to be treated with respect and care. In our day, both kissing and truth are treated cavalierly.

“It’s just a kiss.”

“It’s just a lie.”

It’s just another person’s soul.

Like kissing, the human race is obsessed with truth. Simultaneously terrified to know too much of it and constantly desirous of more, we draw near and shrink back from Truth as the ocean draws near and retreats from the beach.

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