Life is Crazy, Sometimes

Life ought to make sense. There are rules that should be followed; you should be able to play the game and win. Everyone agrees on this.

God doesn’t play by the rules.

Everyone knows, if you want to change the world, you’re going to need a powerful ruler. If you want to build a kingdom, you’re going to have to trample a few little people. If you want to affect great nations, you’ll need the ear of their rulers.

If you’re going to be a king, you’re going to need to be ruthless.

God laughs at the rules.

God became a poor itinerant preacher, and said, “Come to my kingdom.”

He gathered up an eclectic bunch of disciples–fisherman, a tax collector, a zealot, a traitor–and said, “I am with you to the end of the age.”

He dined with the dregs of society and gave a black eye to the movers and shakers in public.

He promised his followers trouble, then casually threw out, “Oh yeah, and I have overcome the world.” Already.

If the Man who is God, whom we follow, was so utterly insane that people thought He had a demon, what are we to expect of his followers?

Perhaps a better question is, are you crazy enough to follow this Man?

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