Very Human

“I like this room–you’re very human here.”

So said a visitor to our room tonight. Thus, instead of my intended thoughts about childrearing and storytime, you get this.

What does that mean–to be human?

Some might say ‘To err is human.’ Are we defined by our mistakes? But Jesus was a human without error–indeed, one might say he is the model of humanity. If Christ is the model–or perfect form–of a human, then perhaps our definition of human should use him as its referent.

Who was Jesus? He was man and God, both simultaneously, completely, fully, and abundantly. He laughed. He wept. He played with children, he ate and slept, he prayed, he got dirty, he was washed, he washed others.

To be human. Is it, perhaps, to feel emotion? To weep, to laugh, to grin, to frown, to feel anger, to ponder…

Ah, but that last one is more about reasoning than emotion. Is the state of being human defined by our ability to reason? In this, we differ from the animals.

Emotion and reason… but these things we share with God.

I have come to this conclusion, and I cannot illustrate my logic because it doesn’t make sense on paper to me yet.

To be human is to be as close to being like God as it is possible to be without actually being God. We feel as God does, we reason like God, and yet we are created beings.

Created in His image.

And every time we sin, we stain that image and become a little less human.

But one day, all our stains will be washed clean and we will be fully human and fully known, and we shall fully know one another.

(NB: I am not sure that this is what the visitor meant, but these are the reflections that arose from her statement.)

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