Grace sufficient to the day

Have you ever had a morning when you woke up and just knew that there was  no way you could make it through the day?

Those are the days when you learn what grace is.

Grace is the well-timed compliment from someone who probably has no idea that it was the only thing that kept you going that next hour.

Grace is the unexpected comfort food for lunch.

Grace is the nearness of a friend who will tell you, yes, you can make it. You will make it.

Grace is the gentle touch that reminds you that you are a person, that you are valuable.

Grace is the word of God preached to you in such a way that you know it was meant for you specifically.

Grace is that friend, at the end of the day, that just listens to you cry. And reminds you that grief does not endure forever. And that there is light, and hope, and grace. And that mercies are new every morning. And that in spite of everything that seems to contradict the truth, we are living a comedy, not a tragedy.

Grace sustains you.

The thing is, you can’t see that grace at the beginning of the day. God doesn’t hand it all to you in a big chunk as you get out of bed and say, “Use it wisely.” He gives it to you as you need it, moment by moment.

He gives to each day grace sufficient for its needs. And for each day, I will thank Him for the grace given that covers that moment and me.

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