It’s been a very long day. I have ricocheted from gleefully happy to completely crushed to stone cold terrified and back again since the moment I woke up. I felt like the day was pretty much over, and my emotional store seemed completely depleted.

Then I saw a post on facebook that said it was snowing.

Now, I was outside less than a half hour ago. It was definitely not snowing then. It wasn’t even that cold.

Hardly daring to believe it, I dashed over to the window, totally invading my roommate’s personal space in my haste to see.

AND IT WAS SNOWING!!!!! (Note: I do not use Caps Lock or exclamation points lightly, so take heed.)

Of course, there was a mad dash for coats and such. Unfortunately, I was the only one who succeeded in said mad dash.

I ran outside and straight into a flake. By flake, I mean it couldn’t really be called a snowball because it wasn’t formed by human hands.

The gigantic flakes stuck all over my wool coat until it looked white, and I giddily caught snowflakes on my tongue and face and hands for about five minutes.

Then I went back inside, but that was enough.

I have grace to send me to sleep, and joy to give me sweet dreams.

And that is enough.

He gives snow like wool;
He scatters the frost like ashes.

Psalm 147:16

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