Open Letter 1: To my pastor.

Dear sir,

You have been my pastor for a goodly percentage of my life. This letter is a list of things that you have done for which I thank God and you.

Please bear with me, formatting this was difficult.

First, I would like to thank you for preaching the word of God unashamedly. It is a blessing and conviction every time I hear you preach. You have helped drive me to study the word of God on my own, and for that I am grateful.

Second, thank you for your passion for evangelism. It has helped to give me a heart for people that I would not have had otherwise.

Third, thank you for letting me serve in the church and encouraging me. More pastors should encourage their flocks to serve.

Finally, thank you for the sermons and lessons that inspired this letter and my desire to express gratitude.

I hope to live up to the gifts and teaching you have given me.


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3 thoughts on “Open Letter 1: To my pastor.

  1. Thank You _____

    I am very encouraged by the fact that you are so dedicated to the Lord
    at a young age. I do not know what the Lord had in mind for your future.
    I hope that He will bless you with a wonderful family of your own and some
    great opportunities to be used in His service.

    Sincerely, Bro Steve

    (I removed my name from this comment)

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  3. Dee

    good words chosed

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