The nativity scene

How do you organize yours?

My mother arranges the characters beautifully, a place for every piece and every piece in its place. She spends a great deal of time on it.

Thus, when my littlest sister rearranged all the characters, she was much put out.

It made me think, though. There’s no way the stable was that organized. There were animals in there. There were shepherds. I bet Mary got her feet stepped on at least once. And Joseph–I always picture Joseph as a big man, like my grandfather–there’s Joseph, pushing the cow out of the way, and the ground isn’t too clean, and it’s hot, and close, and crowded, and in the midst of it all is Jesus.

In the midst of all the chaos, the Prince of Peace.

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One thought on “The nativity scene

  1. a two-bit Jeremiah

    This post made me smile, I just wanted to mention.

    (I organize our nativities differently every year, I think. I can’t usually remember from year to year)

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