Carved into His hands

“Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…”

Isaiah 49:16

Have you ever engraved something?

According to, engrave is means ‘to carve letters or designs into.’ It involves sharp tools.

Like nails.

When I have heard sermons on this passage, they have always described it as resembling a tattoo.

May I submit a better picture?

Holes. Great, bloody, gaping holes in the palms of God. My name carved in, with nails longer than my hand. Torn, raw, open wounds. My name, stamped into the Book of Life in blood.

My Savior’s blood.

When I see my name on the palms of His hands, I see hands that were pierced for me. Strong hands that hold me, and the weight of the world.

Holy, hole-y hands.

And I am engraved on them, and no man can blot me out. Nothing on earth, or in heaven, or below can remove me from those hands. It is terrifying and beautiful.

I am in the safest place, and there is no earthly reason I should be there.

But God does not operate on earthly reasons.

So here I lay, safe in the hands of God, engraved for all eternity.

Peace be upon you.

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