What I got out of ‘The Prince’


1. It’s better to inherit than to make your own way.

2. Most people are stupid.

3. It’s better to crush your enemies than to let them live.

4. A prince is an island.

5. If you hurt people quickly, they will forget it eventually.

6. It’s better to have people depend on you than to depend on other people.

7. You can have power without glory. It might not be worth it, though.

8. A city is only as strong as its defenses.

9. The Church is inconvenient.

10. Two things are important for a ruler: good armies and good laws.

11. The only thing princes need to study is the art of war.

12. A city stands or falls on its military.

13. The ends do justify the means.

14. Generosity is self-defeating.

15. It’s better to be feared than loved.

16. It’s okay to lie for the good of a nation.

17. Princes must be hypocrites to rule effectively.

18. Do not put your trust in fortresses.

19. Look good in public.

20. Choose good associates.

21. Don’t listen to flattery.

22. Be smart.

A response from scripture may/may not follow.

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2 thoughts on “What I got out of ‘The Prince’

  1. There is a theory, although I’m not sure how much credibility it has, that Machiavelli wrote “The Prince” as a satire. This is mostly backed up by pretty much everything else that he ever wrote, which tends to advocate republics as the best form of government.

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