What they didn’t tell you when you signed up for this.

We all have dreams.

Maybe some have bigger dreams than others, but we all have dreams. I dream of being a mother, of having many children, of adoption. I dream of teaching, of waking up in the morning to feed my family. I have dreams.

My friend dreams of mothering many children that have no mothers. She dreams of little hands, of love, of protection. She has dreams.

Another friend dreams of changing the world. He dreams of statesmanship, of laws, of freedom. He has dreams.

Another friend dreams of making beauty that will changes hearts and minds. She dreams of music, of art, of guitars and songs. She has dreams.

All of these dreams are appropriate, are within the limits that God has set for his creatures. They are good. They would be good for other people.

They are the desires of our hearts.

But for some of us, it seems like God is saying, “Not yet.” Why not? These are good things that we want, God. They would honor you.

What are You doing, God?

That’s what they don’t tell you when you become a Christian. They say, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” What they don’t tell you is the hard part: “Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him.”

Wait patiently for Him.

How long must we wait, God? What is Your plan? Please tell us why, because we can’t understand why we must wait.

Help us.

And if this is what you want, please carry us through. We can’t do this without you.

Hold me.

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