I’m alive!

How weird is that?

Have you ever thought about how insane and crazy it is that you exist? Statistically, it is nigh unto impossible. In order for you to be sitting there, reading this post, millions of highly improbable events had to occur.

First, there had to be a planet in the exact right spot at the exact right time that was the exact right shape and size. Then there had to be life on it. Then, that life had to be sentient. Then, two people had to meet and have a child. Several billion times. And somehow, it ended up that you both exist and are reading this.

Sometimes I wonder how much of this God planned just to utterly confuse people.

For example, if I were God (which I’m not), Earth would be flat. And probably square. Because that would make it easier to keep track of. And then I would make maybe ten different types of animals, and they would all fit into easily recognizable categories. And then I would make creatures that would love me and serve me and agree with me all the time. And then I might make a couple thousand stars, and I would make several dozen planets to orbit a star in perfect concentric circles, and a star would be just like planets except bigger and shinier.

And it would be insanely boring.

God, in his infinite wisdom, made Earth roundish. And tilted it on its side. And then started spinning it. And He made tens of millions of animals, including platypi, giraffes, and mud puppies. (Seriously, what is up with giraffes? They are so bizarre.) And He made humans. And gave them free will. And He made stars innumerable, and dense as bread pudding, and ninish planets to orbit a star in ellipticalish shapes, and a star is a giant ball of flaming gas.

God’s ways are not our ways. His ways appear as foolishness to us.

Which is why I have so much trouble with our relationship.

No, seriously.

I like order. I like people doing what I tell them, and things staying where I put them, and life in general making sense. Now, don’t get me wrong; I am still a romantic (of the Lewisian sense) at heart, but adventures are messy things, and adventurers sometimes lose things, and it’s in general not pleasant.

I like my adventures shrinkwrapped and scripted, thank you.

So, of course, God chooses to give me things I don’t ask for, that I don’t think I need, and that really don’t seem to make sense. But they’re good.

They’re very good.

Today, I am going to a church that I didn’t ask for, that I don’t think I need, and that really doesn’t seem to make sense for me. But I’m alive, and I’ve received the grace of God, and against all odds, I’m happy.

God’s ways are not our ways, true.

But they are the best ways.

Peace be upon you.

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