I have been sick, nigh unto the point of death.

I have been incredibly lax in my attention to writing recently. In my defense, I have been very sick.

So sick that I’m going to write about that instead of the eighteen other things that I have in my backlog of ideas.

I have a seasonal sickness. Every time it gets cold and wet, I develop a hacking cough with fluid in my lungs and all sorts of bad stuff. It usually lingers for a month or so. I feel really miserable and have to function anyway because, whether or not you feel really bad, you can’t check out of life for a month.

Not this time, though.

You see, even though I am not completely recovered yet, I am so much better that I can hardly believe it. It’s only been seven days since it started, and I can already sing and talk again. You may be wondering what was different this time. I know that I was. I thought about it, and it hit me.


During this season of illness, I have laughed so hard that I could not breath at least once every day. My roommate (whom I love) would constantly say funny things or show me funny things. My reaction was to laugh until I started coughing, then to keep laughing until I could not breath (literally) and I thought I would pass out.


The Bible says, ‘A joyful heart is good medicine.’ I always thought it was referring to the spirit, but now I’m not so sure. Could it be that laughter is a medicine for the body, as well?


Many doctors say that laughing strengthens your immune system and, by removing stress, increases your strength and alertness.


How often do you laugh?

Then our  mouth was filled with laughter,
And our  tongue with joyful shouting;
Then they said among the nations, “The LORD has  done great things for them.”

Psalm 126:2

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