Trusting Others

I have issues with trust.

Specifically, I don’t do it. Trust people, that is.

For this reason, dancing is hard for me. So when I went to a hoedown this weekend, you can understand my problems.

Wait a minute, I have to let a guy touch me? And I have to follow him? Why in the world should I trust this guy when I don’t even know his name?

Vulnerability implies trust. And you can believe me when I say that you can almost never be more vulnerable than when you dance with someone. He puts his hand on your waist, you put your hand on his shoulder, and you stand within what some people call the ‘personal bubble’. There is no way to defend yourself in that position.

I don’t like being vulnerable.

I was going to draw spiritual parallels that were going to be awesome, but I started hyperventiliating again and realized that I really do have trouble trusting people.

So I’ll close with two requests.

First, pray for me.

Second, please respond with your own stories about situations where you trusted or had trouble trusting.

This will probably be the first in a series of stories.

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