The Brandenburg Concertos

Have you ever listened to concentrated joy?

Distilled and bottled, and readily available–frequently free.

I am a poetic, happy drunk. Drunk on happiness, on joy, on ecstasy. Bach was a master.

The Brandenburg Concertos are a collection of six instrumental works that Johann Sebastian Bach wrote for the margrave (a type of military governor) of Brandenburg. In them, Bach gives full reign to his lighter side, the notes seeming to simply flow from sheer joi de vivre. They are my musical cure for depression.

You begin to listen, and the notes sweep you off to dance on mountaintops, then down to revel in the misty valleys, weaving in and out with dim shadows in the fog. With one phrase, you are transported to frolic with the endless waves of the tide, and the next you reach out and feel you could touch the merry stars.

My friends say I am drunk–so what if I am?

Come dance with me!

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