Athanasius Goes To College, pt 2

After they were all moved in, Athanasius and his roommates began unpacking their books.

The stack of books was bigger than all of them.

There were many books; some about how to write, some about how to read, some about heroes, some about poets, some about history, some about politics, some about freedom, some about God, some about man, some dictionaries, and some thesauruses? thesaurusi? Thesauri? Hmmmm.


Anyway, the first day of class, they all got syllabuses. Syllabusi. Syllabi? Whatever they are called, they said that they were supposed to read things. So they started reading.

They read

Books about politics.

And read.

Books about writing.

And read.

Till they keeled over from exhaustion.

When they were so tired they couldn’t read anymore,

No. more. books... please...

They got snacks out of the fridge,

That was an adventure, cold and hard.

and read stuff on the computer.

Does anybody love me?

Answer: yes.

At the end of the day:





Wait a minute…











That was only the first day!



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2 thoughts on “Athanasius Goes To College, pt 2

  1. thewizardwhowaspunny

    The white monkey is a slacker!

  2. HILARIOUS!!!!

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