Rendezvous with JOY

Have you ever seen these two images (in whatever format)?

Yourself most important, Then others, then Jesus.

Jesus at the center, others next in importance, yourself on the outside.

First one good; second one bad.

It generally comes with the acronym J-O-Y–Jesus-Others-You.

Now I shall preface this with the statement, “I do not disagree with this principle.”

(If you’re still here, keep reading.)

I would like to talk about the backwards one, if you will. The one that goes You-Others-Jesus.

I do not think it is incredibly accurate.

I think, if Jesus is not your priority, it looks more like this:

A big black gaping hole in your life.

Removing Jesus from the center of your life does not make you a generally nice person whose priorities are slightly out of whack. It tears a hole through you and removes some of your ability to love others.

It’s like leprosy. You don’t even notice.

It gets worse, though. If you continue to let it fester, then eventually, you will not be able to truly love others as Christ loves them.

You cannot love yourself like you love your neighbor if you don't love your neighbor.

Removing Jesus from the center of your life will wound and poison you, and often you won’t figure it out until you’ve gone to heaven, or lost countless opportunities.

Don’t let that happen.

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