Sunday Songs 1

Strong Tower

My Sunday School class (taught by my father) is studying music with Christian themes, so I thought I would post the lyrics with verses and/or explanation.

Strong Tower

by Kutless

V1-1 When I wander through the desert
V1-2 And I’m longing for my home
V1-3 All my dreams have gone astray
V1-4 When I’m stranded in the valley
V1-5 And I’m tired and all alone
V1-6 It seems like I’ve lost my way
V1-7 I go running to your mountain
V1-8 Where your mercy sets me free
C-1 You are my strong tower
C-2 A shelter over me
C-3 Beautiful and mighty
C-4 Everlasting King
C-5 You are my strong tower
C-6 Fortress when I’m weak
C-7 Your name is true and holy
C-8 And Your face is all I see
V2-1 In the middle of my darkness
V2-2 In the midst of all my fear
V2-3 You’re refuge and my hope
V2-4 When the storm of life is raging
V2-5 And the thunder’s all I hear
V2-6 You speak softly to my soul
V2-7 Now I’m running to your mountain
V2-8 Where your mercy sets me free
Our group mission was to find verses that justified or verified the words of this song. My personal challenge was to do so using only verses from the book of Isaiah.
V1-1–Isaiah 48:21, Deuteronomy 32:10
V1-2,3–Isaiah 32:18, Psalm 68:6
V1-4-6–Psalm 23:4
V1-7-8–Isaiah 25:4-5, Micah 4:2
C-1-2–Isaiah 25:4-5, Psalm 5:11
C-3-4–Isaiah 33:17, Psalm 145:13
C-5-6– Isaiah 33:16, Proverbs 18:10
C-7-8–Isaiah 6, Psalm 80:7 (Keith Green, Lord, You’re Beautiful)
V2-1-3–Isaiah 9:2, Psalm 56:3, 55:8
V2-4-6–Isaiah 29:6, 56:7, I Kings 19:11-13
Our homework was to do the same thing with In Christ Alone, which I have not done yet. Thoughts?
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