Hazel Tree, Pt. 3– Spider

The Spider.

A fitting name for her, now. Her former beauty was gone–she could admit that to herself, at least. What she refused to admit was weakness. Thus, she spun her webs, fragile but strong, always walking the tightrope over the darkening abyss of loneliness. She might not have been beautiful anymore, but she was important! A calculating wit and careful cultivation of her two lovely daughters served her well. Her oldest, now, she was turning out beautifully. There were already several offers of betrothal contracts–she only had to chose who would be most useful to her.

Her stepdaughter had presented a problem. Vivacious and endearing, she reminded her of herself at that age. The child’s innocence and charm mocked her.

She would not stand for it.

The girl was a competitor, a rival. She had to be supressed. An ever-growing workload, and calculated deprivation, served to exhaust the girl and make her evermore subservient.

Though she named her ‘Spider” and grumbled against her, she remained, meek and submissive in appearance.

Her plan could not fail.

She had sworn an oath to her daughters, and she would not be forsworn.

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