Athanasius 2

By Pandaknight, TheTalkativeOne, and ShilohJazz.

Once upon a time, Sir Athanasius was at his detective office.


Suddenly, Jack the Tiger burst in! 

He's a lot bigger than Athanasius.

“Help me, Athanasius!” he cried.  “I have been accused of stealing the SCEPTER OF AWESOMENESS

 because there are feline footprints at the crime scene!  I need someone to prove that I am innocent!  Will you help me?”

He was kinda freaked out.

            Sir Athanasius pulled out his magnifying glass and got to work.

His hands are too small to hold it.

When he reached the scene of the crime, he looked all around.  He could find no tiger footprints!

Looking, looking, looking...

 He did find some other animal footprints, though.  He carefully drew the footprints he saw. 

His crayon is really big, but he manages.

Then it was time for the trial.All the citizens went to the trial to see who stole the SCEPTER OF AWESOMENESS!


The prosecuting lawyer was Louie, the Shifty-Eyed Leopard™. 

Louie, the trademarked shifty-eyed one.

He said to the judge, “This tiger is the one who stole the SCEPTER OF AWESOMENESS!”


Athanasius refused to listen to this nonsense!  He leapt up and said, “No, he did not!  I can prove it!”

Sitting, standing, and laying look pretty much the same.

He got out his pictures and showed everyone.

See? Big crayons are no handicap.

“See?  Jack the Tiger has zero toes, while the unknown criminal has three.  We must discover which feline animal here has three toes.”  Just then, Jack spoke up.

“Let’s all let the judge look at our paws.”

Looking at Jack's paw.

“NO!” cried Louie, the Shifty-Eyed Leopard™; but the judge forced him.

Puttin' the beat down on Trademark Louie.

 “Aha!” shouted the judge.  “Three Toes!  And he was hiding the SCEPTER OF AWESOMENESS behind his back!  Case Closed!”

Sir Athanasius returned to his office, happy to have saved his friend.

Classic desk.

The End.

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