The 73rd Cicada Rebellion

Written in response to a contest on Jonathan Rogers’ blog.

Cicada’s Diary
Years 1-12

Year 13, Spring, day 1
Our day will come. You thought we would remain happy in our little underground caves, didn’t you? No longer! This dark oppression must end!
Day 7
Is getting warmer. Have twenty-three hundred or so who will stand with me when the day comes. We shall overthrow the oppressive older generation who forced us to accept these squalid burrows of comfort!
Day 12
Realized that I don’t remember what the older generation look like. Will consult with others.
Day 21
TODAY IS THE DAY!!! I pen this hastily, as we are preparing our migration to the sun. Soon WE will be the ones in control!
Day 22
Day 29
We have not been able to locate the older ones. Our time of opportunity is almost over. We have to lay our eggs soon.
Day 32
GREAT SCOTT! They all died! Our glorious revolution has no one to revolt against! What can this mean? What sort of cataclysm wiped out an entire generation?
Day 34
Am feeling strangely weak. Noticed Harold becoming sluggish. Did we eat something?
Day 35
I   know   what   happened    to them…

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