Words have Meaning

I didn’t mean it.

You didn’t understand me.

That’s not what I meant!

Tripping through our mouth at speeds of (often) 200 per minute, words are some of the most frequently used weapons in any arsenal. It’s no wonder we frequently find ourselves wishing we could take them back. Unfortunately, once a word leaves your mouth, it’s stuck there, for good or ill, lingering in the minds and heart of others. Often, we remove blame by falling back on intent, saying ‘That was not what I meant,’ or, blaming another, ‘You did not understand.’

The words still hang there.

It may not be what you wish you had meant, but it is what will be remembered.

You are not good enough.

I wish we had never met!

Why can’t you do anything right?

You can’t take them back, change their meaning, remove the hurt you’ve done. As soon as they were released, they made their homes in others’ hearts, poisoning and festering, building a wall between friends.

Words have meaning. They can hurt, tear, poison, wound, bite, freeze, shock, burn…

Heal, encourage, warm, cleanse, forgive, cool, and help.

What meaning do your words have?

Out of the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, this should not be.

James 3:10

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