The Sleeper, Final

In the silence of the empty room, shadows whispered secrets.

Do you remember when we laughed here? Do you remember the time we held each other close? Do you remember? Do you?

Footsteps echoed through the abandoned hallways.

We laughed, and danced, and leapt for joy. Do you remember?

In the gardens, the trees creaked and sighed.

We remember. Who shall forget?

In the kitchens, the ashes danced.

We were a fire, and shall be again.

In the dining hall, memories of feasts gone past murmured of joy and companionship.

The king sat there, and the queen sat there, and the pages were gaping at the boar the prince brought down.

The servants’ quarters buzzed with inaudible gossip.

He’s coming…I heard it from the skylark. Not too much longer…

Smelling of horses from long ago, the stables echoed.

He’s coming.

In the tallest tower, a girl slept, dreaming, dreaming, waiting…

Always sleeping, waiting for the One. When will he come?

Through the rusty portcullis, unused for ages, limped a tired and battered man. His face was scarred, as if by thorns, and he bled from many wounds, yet his face was triumphant and jubilant. He seemed to draw strength from the castle, and he threw off his exhaustion, striding to the center of the courtyard. Throwing his arms open, he shouted, “I’m HERE!”

The hallways echoed: He’s here.

The trees laughed, He’s here!

The ashes burst into flame. He’s here!

The gossips chattered, “He’s Here!”

The stables whinnied—He’s Here!

And high above, in the tallest tower, the princess smiled in her dreams.

He’s here…


“Rise, sleeper; rise from among the dead, and Christ will shed light upon you.” Ephesians 5:14

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One thought on “The Sleeper, Final

  1. Jazz

    It’s Jesus!!! He’s back!!!!!

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