The Sleeper, Pt. 4

The two met before the castle, one arrogant and crafty, the other wary and weary.

No questions asked; there was no need. Only the circling, the  wary, weary, watchful circling, waiting for the final words.

Finally, the weary one straightened.

“You have gone too far this time.”

Ignited, a mad frenzy seemed to spread through his opponent. “It’s too late! Don’t you understand? I’VE WON! The princess will not awake. She chose me, of her own free will, and you cannot take her back! She is mine, for all eternity…”


“NO? You fool, I have won! How can you not comprehend this? You may be the Lord, but I am just as powerful as you! I can do everything you can do! I am INVINCIBLE!

“No. You cannot have her. Listen, I shall give myself up for her, and I shall not fight you.”

Speechless, he stared. Never had this entered into his plots, his twisting, convoluted, carefully prepared plots. He would sacrifice His kingdom for her? Surely this was a trick; surely no-one was that foolhardy… except this One.

“We have a trade.”

And with a burst of maniacal laughter, the Adversary plunged his sword deep into the Prince’s heart.

And the red blood flowed.

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