Heigh-ho, the oakly new year

Yesterday began the eighteenth year of the oak. It was feted with allergies, depression, and exam nerves.

Our goals for this year:

1. conquer the known world (again)

2. create a new and better chicken soup

3. learn how to program our enemies’ computers to constantly flash the blue-screen-of-doom.

4. Hang-glide from an invisible cliff.

5. Begin the process of becoming Animagi.

6. Persuade the squirrel of doom that there are more useful abilities than menacing grapes from innocent children.

7. Read 5 (new) books.

8. Reveal the emoticon plot.

9. Purchase hooded capes for the both of us.

10. Wear said capes.

11. Travel cross-country.

12. Convince someone of the existence of the half-horned july beetle.

13. (for backwards luck) Fix a mirror.

14. Read the Hobbit and finish memorizing the first page.

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